Discover Syros Island


You will need time and openness to new feelings in order to fully admire and enjoy the beauty of Syros Island and Ermoupolis. Below, you will find more details about all the places to be and the things to do in Syros.

Strolls in Ermoupoli City



Start from the Miaoulis Square with the statues of Apollo and the marble music stage and head to the Mayor’s House, one of the biggest and most impressive buildings in Greece, built by Ernest Chiller in 1898. The third landmark of Ermoupolis is the Apollon Theater built by Pietro Sampo in 1864.


There are many museums in Syros. Do not miss the Archaeological, the Ecclesiastical and the Industrial ones. Other important exhibitions are the Historic Archives of the Cyclades and the Library.


As for churches, you will be impressed by the Metropolitan Church of Metamorphosis Sotiros (the Transfiguration of Jesus), the church of Koimisis tis Theotokou (the Dormition of Virgin Mary), where an authentic painting by El Greco is housed, and the Catholic church of Evangelistria. We could also mention the church of Agios Nikolaos and the district Vaporia, but this is the exact place where Villa Thalassographia is located at, so you won’t miss them.




Exploring Ano Syros

You have to climb up to Ano Syros; plenty of interesting sites are located there besides the amazing views.

Once in Anos Syros, do not miss the catholic church of Agios Georgios (Saint George) at the very top of the area and many more churches like the San Bastia and the Capuchin and Jesuits Monasteries!  In Ano Syros, there is also the Museum dedicated to the musician Markos Vamvakaris- who wrote a series of famous Greek songs for Syros – and the exhibition for the Folklore Museum.

In Syros Hinterland

Like many islands, Syros has plenty of points of interest in other parts of the island. Do not miss Poseidonia (De la Gracia), Parakopi and Chroussa for their opulent mansions.

Also in Poseidonia visit the church of Agios Georgios and the town’s Hall. In Kini village, you will find an Aquarium and a monastery with embroideries, whereas at Achladi bay, you will see sculptures handmade by sailors.

The Beaches

Your holidays in Syros can’t be complete without swimming and enjoying the sun at the island’s beaches. Visitors who prefer the organized beaches head to Agathopes, Azolimnos, Gallissas, De la Gracia and Phinikas.

If you want some restaurants and bars after your day at the sea, then visit Kini, Delphini, and Megas Gialos. For more peace and quiet, go to Ampela, Kokkina, Komito, Santorinioi. For more adventure, choose the northern beaches of the island where you can go hiking or sailing.